Primary School

Primary School

Starting a new school can be daunting, as well as exciting. Our transition coordinator works closely with primary schools and parents to ensure a successful transfer to high school. Some ability setting takes place in core subjects as well as extensive intervention, support and catch-up provided by our Learner Support Team. All primary school learners have a tutor who is responsible for their welfare. They spend some time with their tutor each day following an engaging character and culture development programme as well as attending assemblies. It is through these that our learners learn how to live the values that we promote. Academic excellence combined with life understanding is crucial for learners. We have a dedicated careers coordinator and advisor who oversees this programme and can meet learners or parents individually.

At Apex Schools we believe that pupils’ learning and development should be at the heart of the curriculum; it should be broad and balanced and equip pupils with the skills necessary to succeed in life after school. Our school ethos is firmly rooted in our values of igniting a brighter future for all our children.

Our staff value the different ways in which pupils learn and plan lessons to account for these differences, cross curricular links ensure that pupils can draw upon knowledge from different subjects and understand how they relate to each other and everyday life. Age related expectations combine the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills to create a purposeful and exciting learning journey for every child.

Outstanding classroom environments support and enrich the children’s learning experiences and celebrate their achievements.

Teaching and Learning

We believe that first hand experiences are very important. We use educational visits as well as inviting interesting visitors such as musicians, poets and drama groups to our school. We help them to learn to be self-disciplined, organised and to plan ahead.

We aim to provide pupils with a solid foundation in the major areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Computing, while, at the same time, developing pupils’ knowledge and skills through other curriculum areas. Emphasis is placed on English, both written and oral, so that the children learn to read fluently and with understanding. Children are encouraged to develop their handwriting skills from an early age. Basic arithmetic and a more general knowledge of Mathematics are given equal emphasis. In Science, children carry out practical investigations and become familiar with their environment.

We recognise the importance of preparing our children well for secondary school by instilling good study habits and developing them as independent learners. Children are encouraged to make increasing use of resources to study independently.

Parents as Partners

We believe that a strong relationship with parents will result in a positive impact on the child’s development and learning. We make every effort to listen to parents accounts of their child’s development and any concerns they have.

We firmly believe that a partnership between home and school is essential for all involved in the education process. All the staff are happy to see parents throughout the year to discuss any problems (or indeed successes). Sometimes it may be necessary to make an appointment. If you have any concerns whatsoever please tell us immediately.

The success of a school depends on a partnership and one of the key partners are you, the parents. You can help in a variety of ways:

• by becoming involved in the PTA

• by supporting your own child’s learning at home

• We are keen to involve parents in classroom activities and have arrangements for voluntary helpers. Parents, and others helping in the school, add significantly to the quality of education and remove some of the pressure from teachers. The school issues regular newsletters to parents to keep them informed of what is going on day to day.

The School aims to:

• provide an environment in which your child will be happy and secure

• set appropriate targets for your child in order to ensure continuous improvement as far as possible and to aim for the highest level of achievement.

• set appropriate home learning activities regularly.

• keep you informed about what your child will be taught each term and involve you in your child’s learning as far as possible.

• inform you of your child’s progress at least twice during the school year.

• ensure that all staff provide the finest quality of teaching and support by providing ongoing training..

• contact you if your child is unwell or if we have any concerns about your child, attendance, punctuality or behaviour.

• keep you informed of school activities and issues through regular letters home.

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